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  • The Freedom Trail, Kind of…

    Quick update for the special adventurers I left behind. Botolph’s Stone’s weather was beautiful this evening – 51 and clear. Had a nice walk, mostly after dark as we worked through ’til almost 6pm. Here’s some slideshow highlights: Mr. E, be sure to click here [Google Earth] to see where I walked.

  • Aug. 31st, 2006: From Ernesto to Fran

    Friday, September 6, 1996 – Fran! Friday, September 1, 2006 – Ernesto? Fran snuck up on the Triangle 10 years ago. Ernesto is days away. I stayed up until 1am nearly a decade ago waiting to see what track Fran would take. WRAL’s ever reliable Greg Fishel predicted a hit between Rocky Mount and Raleigh. […]