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  • Voting Fabuloso Sports Racer Style

    Hey fabuloso sports racers, ZeFrank lays out the voting gig:

  • ZeFrank’s Simple, Nuanced Message

    I’m stuck in a video culture. The immediacy of the message, the ability to project nuance, is quite alluring. Today’s low-cost of creation and dissemination has helped unleash citizen’s voices which otherwise would never be heard. Yesterday, I featured Keith Olbermann’s Sept. 11th impassioned defense of dissent. It was a strong, direct, thoughtful yet emotional […]

  • ZeFrank: The Scale was Imaginable

    I posted this quick comment on BlueNC, a state-wide blog that appears to be hellbent on rehabilitating NC Democrats reputation. I usually keep it local and try not to echo the meme of the moment but I thought Ze Frank was dead on with yesterday’s analysis: The strategy of terrorism is to use isolated acts […]