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  • Chapel Hill 2010: Snow, Snow, Snow

    Chapel Hill has a new tool to track road conditions during adverse conditions, like today’s 3 to 6 inches snowfall. The GIS map showing roads salted, cleared and relevant services is here. Good to see this finally in place. The Tech Board discussed just such an application of the GIS system about 6 years ago. […]

  • Next Stop, NextBus.

    According to the following Sept. 22nd Town news release, the NextBus system is nearly ready for its trial run. Suggested online access is through Chapel Hill Transit’s www.chtransit.org site, the blue “Real Time Transit” link. I suggest by-passing the lame Java-applet and go straight to the vastly simpler and more forward thinking Google Maps interface. […]

  • NextBus – The Proposal

    I’ve been reading through the town’s Request for Proposal (RFP) for our new Real-Time Passenger Information System and Automatic Vehicle Location system for Chapel Hill Transit. There’s some interesting goofs (missing section 3.B.6) and specifications (Microsoft ODBC) in a document which appears to be a cut-n-paste of Triangle Transit, Federal and local requirements. From the […]

  • NextBus Recap – The story so far…

    [UPDATE:] The proposal. What would it take to build our own bus ETA notification and Internet hotspot system? Catch the NextBus VII – Stone knives and bear skins… Twenty-four hours into blogging about the NextBus system, what have we learned? What’s the alternative? How large of an opportunity have we missed? Catch the NextBus VI […]

  • Catch the NextBus VII – Stone knives and bear skins…

    A Web 2.0 nod to Spock and Kirk. What if I endeavored “to construct a pneumonic memory circuit using stone knives and bear skins”? To wit, could I recreate the NextBus system using “off the shelf” Web 2.0 infrastructure and cheap gear? For a modestly discounted fee of $850,000? Yes! Yes! Yes! My tinkertoy Web […]

  • Catch the NextBus IV – New Hope?

    Thank you town staff, Ms. Hall especially, for the assistance in assembling this information. April 24th, 2006 – two days ago – after concerns were raised about the NextBus, Inc. deal – the town signed a contract with NextBus, Inc. for their proprietary system. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope. The schedule of […]

  • Catch the NextBus III – ACTransit’s Better Deal

    Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District …an innovative, modern bus system, owned by the public of the East Bay. Its family tree dates back to 1869…the year America’s two coasts were joined by the transcontinental railroad with the driving of the golden spike. In the same year, 1869, the Suez Canal opened, linking the Mediterranean with the […]

  • Catch the NextBus

    I’m curious about both the process our town went through selecting NextBus, Inc. and the “real-world” results of other communities. I’ll be documenting more of what I find over the next couple days, including why the town’s Technology advisory board, in spite of staff knowing of our particular interest in this technology, was shut out […]