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  • Tapping into our community’s aggregate wisdom

    My April 26th Daily Tar Heel guest column: During the November campaign, I spoke of tapping into Chapel Hill’s “talent, innovation and creativity,” a reflection of my belief that good governance flows from maximizing citizen involvement. How best to tap Chapel Hill’s wisdom?

  • Catch the NextBus III – ACTransit’s Better Deal

    Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District …an innovative, modern bus system, owned by the public of the East Bay. Its family tree dates back to 1869…the year America’s two coasts were joined by the transcontinental railroad with the driving of the golden spike. In the same year, 1869, the Suez Canal opened, linking the Mediterranean with the […]

  • Mission Accomplished?

    Mayor Foy: Having completed their missions, I petition the Council that we thank all existing and former committee members for their dedication and public service, and that we now conclude the service of the Technology and Horace Williams Citizens Committees, effective June 30, 2006. Since yesterday’s 8 to 1 vote to dissolve the Horace-Williams Citizens’ […]