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  • Carolina North’s Evans: Don’t pin me down…

    A third of the way through my second “live” LAC meeting – the second with Evans as UNC’s point man – and a nascent theme from the last meeting has emerged full-blown: “Don’t pin me down…” Last week [PDF], when questioned on specific environmental goals for Carolina North, Evans dismissed specific language. Dan Coleman: Can […]

  • Carolina North: Chancellor Hooker Friday, December 8, 1995

    I’ve recently been reviewing some of my old links covering the evolution of UNC’s Carolina North development.

  • Next Exit: UNC

    The construction of a special I-40 interchange for Carolina North has been a persistent rumor. Over the last 5 years, I heard UNC officially deny any such plan more than a dozen times. The last time for me, I believe, was when UNC’s liason to the Horace Williams Citizen’s Committee (HWCC) said she hadn’t heard […]

  • Carolina North and the Education of Mayor Foy

    As I noted in Chafing: Prevention and Treatment, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees has always been a wildcard in the potentially disastrous development of Carolina North. Yesterday’s meeting unsettled Mayor Foy, at least enough for him to defend the initial delay in Carolina North’s Leadership Advisory Committee’s getting to substantive discussions. […]

  • HWCC:Response to Chancellor Moeser’s January 25th Letter on Carolina North

    Here’s the HWCC’s (Horace Williams Citizen’s Committee) response to Chancellor Moeser’s January 25th Letter on Carolina North development. I drafted the original response, which was further refined by myself and Joe Capowski and finally tightened up and approved by the whole of the HWCC. MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: Comments on UNC January 25, 2006 letter and attachment […]

  • Mission Accomplished?

    Mayor Foy: Having completed their missions, I petition the Council that we thank all existing and former committee members for their dedication and public service, and that we now conclude the service of the Technology and Horace Williams Citizens Committees, effective June 30, 2006. Since yesterday’s 8 to 1 vote to dissolve the Horace-Williams Citizens’ […]