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  • Carolina North: Two Years of Diminishing Economic Expectations

    Yesterday’s Carolina North outreach, once again, was heavy on promises – the vast possibility of grey goo, the escalating energy efficiencies of blue sky projections – light on details. As a NC taxpayer, I’ve been waiting for UNC to produce a real, updated business plan reflecting 2007’s economic realities. Hey, we’re plunking down billions at […]

  • Carolina North’s Evans: Don’t pin me down…

    A third of the way through my second “live” LAC meeting – the second with Evans as UNC’s point man – and a nascent theme from the last meeting has emerged full-blown: “Don’t pin me down…” Last week [PDF], when questioned on specific environmental goals for Carolina North, Evans dismissed specific language. Dan Coleman: Can […]

  • Crawford-Brown: “I’ll take the brickbats from both sides…”

    Dr. Crawford-Brown claimed at today’s LAC meeting that he feels he does more work on behalf of Chapel Hill’s Town Council than for the University even though he’s a member of the University’s delegation – and the director of UNC’s Carolina Environmental Program. Trying to clarify his role, Crawford-Brown said he’s here as a scientist, […]

  • Carolina North: My Own Words? A Recap of My Aug. 24th Environmental Request to the LAC

    According to the online minutes [PDF] of August 24th’s Carolina North Leadership Advisory Committee meeting, this is what I asked for… Will Raymond, citizen of Chapel Hill, former member of HWCC: Speaking on own behalf. Wants to talk about the environmental assay, which was an issue brought up by HWCC. Like what BioHabitats is doing, […]

  • UNC’s Moeser Prefers Butting Heads Over Carolina North…

    One would assume UNC’s Chancellor Moeser prefers confrontation over collaboration – at least that’s what I think based on his choice of sports metaphors. Along those lines, Chapel Hill News’ Mark Schultz chose an apt title, University puts on its game face, for my second CHN My View column. Forming up across the slippery turf, […]