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  • Carolina North: Two Years of Diminishing Economic Expectations

    Yesterday’s Carolina North outreach, once again, was heavy on promises – the vast possibility of grey goo, the escalating energy efficiencies of blue sky projections – light on details. As a NC taxpayer, I’ve been waiting for UNC to produce a real, updated business plan reflecting 2007’s economic realities. Hey, we’re plunking down billions at […]

  • Carolina North: Crawford-Brown’s Counter-principles

    Rather than expanding upon the published principles created by Chapel Hill’s (now defunct) Horace-Williams Citizens’ Committee (HWCC) or integrating their newer environmental recommendations (which I championed), UNC’s green representative to the LAC (UNC’s Leadership Advisory Committee) offers a counter-proposal. Why? Why follow Chancellor Moeser’s lead and continue butting heads? To: LAC (9-3-06) From: Doug Crawford-Brown […]