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  • Greene on Ending Chronic Homelessness in Orange County

    Council member Sally Greene is passionately pursuing a ten year plan to end local homelessness. Her participation, along with other valiant volunteers, gives me hope that the goal is achievable. Tonight, she reports on the Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness’ efforts. Of note, they’ve agreed to “emphasize the chronically homeless in our planning (but […]

  • Catch the NextBus IV – New Hope?

    Thank you town staff, Ms. Hall especially, for the assistance in assembling this information. April 24th, 2006 – two days ago – after concerns were raised about the NextBus, Inc. deal – the town signed a contract with NextBus, Inc. for their proprietary system. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope. The schedule of […]

  • Mission Accomplished?

    Mayor Foy: Having completed their missions, I petition the Council that we thank all existing and former committee members for their dedication and public service, and that we now conclude the service of the Technology and Horace Williams Citizens Committees, effective June 30, 2006. Since yesterday’s 8 to 1 vote to dissolve the Horace-Williams Citizens’ […]