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  • Downtown’s Homeless: What is the message? Who is the messenger?

    …whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me… While I was in Boston last week, the DPC’s (Downtown Partnership) Kiosk Giving Task Force morphed into the Downtown Outreach Work Group. As the next step, the Downtown Outreach Work Group recommends a public-private partnership effort amongst […]

  • Sally, Kirk and Shearon-Harris

    Following up on my post Shearon-Harris Offline: Who Tripped Over the Wire?, I’d like to direct your attention to two of our wonderful local ‘bloggers. Sally Greene has two great posts on the Shearon-Harris nuke plant safety issues and the resulting spin. First, FAIRWarning Tonight I went to the briefing in Pittsboro on the Shearon […]

  • Greene on Ending Chronic Homelessness in Orange County

    Council member Sally Greene is passionately pursuing a ten year plan to end local homelessness. Her participation, along with other valiant volunteers, gives me hope that the goal is achievable. Tonight, she reports on the Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness’ efforts. Of note, they’ve agreed to “emphasize the chronically homeless in our planning (but […]

  • Lucky #21?

    As noted tonight by Council member Sally Greene, Chapel Hill Town Council raised our collective fists in the air and said “We object.” We passed a resolution in support of impeaching the President The impeachment resolution was proposed by Elders for Peace of Carol Woods. I’m happy to note I was signature #21 on their […]