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  • Yearly Constitutional

    Fred reminds us that tomorrow, Sept. 17th, 2008, is Constitution Day. 221 years ago our Founders ratified a vision which carried this Nation to greatness. Over the last 10 years, much of our national leadership, motivated by partisan zeal and political gamesmanship, have done their best to besmirch and diminish that awesome achievement. As long […]

  • Cindy Sheehan: This is NOT a Rally

    [UPDATE:] More from the CarrboroCitizen. [UPDATEx2:] Some photos of the event.. Peggy Misch wants to make sure everyone knows, in spite of what the local press says, there is no Sheehan rally at Carr Mill Mall. Just a simple lunch with Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton and some folks from GRIM ( Grassroots Impeachment Movement). It […]

  • Lucky #21?

    As noted tonight by Council member Sally Greene, Chapel Hill Town Council raised our collective fists in the air and said “We object.” We passed a resolution in support of impeaching the President The impeachment resolution was proposed by Elders for Peace of Carol Woods. I’m happy to note I was signature #21 on their […]