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  • Greene on Ending Chronic Homelessness in Orange County

    Council member Sally Greene is passionately pursuing a ten year plan to end local homelessness. Her participation, along with other valiant volunteers, gives me hope that the goal is achievable. Tonight, she reports on the Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness’ efforts. Of note, they’ve agreed to “emphasize the chronically homeless in our planning (but […]

  • Ruling in favor of Judge Baddour

    May 2nd, the good folk of Chapel Hill have an opportunity to keep Allen Baddour on the Superior Court bench.

  • Tapping into our community’s aggregate wisdom

    My April 26th Daily Tar Heel guest column: During the November campaign, I spoke of tapping into Chapel Hill’s “talent, innovation and creativity,” a reflection of my belief that good governance flows from maximizing citizen involvement. How best to tap Chapel Hill’s wisdom?

  • Sandy Carmany’s Balancing Act

    Sandy Carmany, District 5 representative for the Greensboro City Council, has set a high standard of public outreach for elected officials with her ‘blog . This blog is my attempt to have an ongoing dialog with citizens and keep you up to date on issues I deal with on the Greensboro City Council and other […]

  • Where’s the Thrill of Apple Chill?

    I’ve attended Apple Chill and Festifall since their inception. In years past it was a local affair – local folk displaying local crafts to other local folk. That’s not the case anymore. I spent 3 hours on a beautiful afternoon walking around Downtown looking at the motorcycles, listening to a bit of music, eating at […]