Month: June 2007

  • June 6th’s Closed Council Session

    As we wind down the planning for this fiscal year, Council’s deliberations take on a bit more gravitas, thus demand even more attention by the public. As one might observe listening to last year’s Lot #5 closed negotiations ( “Downtown Development Initiative: Listen and Learn How Negotiations Went Awry”), going too long or waiting until […]

  • Technorati’s Sampling of CitizenWill Videos

    A reader dropped me an email (thanks K.A.) alerting me to Technorati’s laggard pace in indexing links to CitizenWill. Technorati is supposed to keep track of how many folks link to your ‘blogs content. According to their service, I haven’t posted anything new in 298 days! I’m not the only person with Technorati ping problems […]

  • Carolina North Forum: Another Perspective

    Local activists Neighborhoods for Responsible Growth are holding a forum this evening to discuss their and other local folks views of UNC’s Carolina North project: In cooperation with a series of sponsors and collaborators, NRG will host a community forum on Carolina North, the proposed UNC research campus planned for the Horace Williams tract in […]

  • Spring Cleaning 2007

    Thank you folks for sticking with CitizenWill through thick and thin (including a major outage May 15th, 2007). A little history. January 31st, 2006 I relaunched my 2005 Town Council campaign website (Concerned Citizen) claiming I’d be posting some articles on last year’s election – including an analysis of campaign finances, my ideas on what […]

  • Municipal Networking: Eyes on the Road

    [SPRING CLEANING] I asked Town Manager Roger Stancil May 17th how the CCTV (closed-circuit TV) packaged in the Town’s first steps towards municipal networking (Municipal Networking:Could We Have a Little Less Big Brother?). Roger and Kumar Neppalli, our Town’s traffic (and now streetlight) point person, both clarified the bullet item. The CCTVs will be used […]