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  • Halloween Treat: Chapel Hill News Endorsement

    I knew my best chance for an endorsement this year was from the Chapel Hill News. These folks have watched my passionate activism on behalf of the environment, social justice, fiscal responsibility, public accountability, transparent and open governance, community engagement, planning policy and on and on for these last 6+ years. Will Raymond brings a […]

  • The Carrboro Channel: Streaming Video Tonight

    Carrboro continues to beat lead Chapel Hill in innovation – whether it is Downtown music festivals, freely available Internet access or commitment to hands-on arts. In spite of the long effort by Chapel Hill’s now defunct Technology Board to bring video of public Council, Planning Board, forum, etc. meetings to the accessibility inhibited website, the […]

  • News Wars

    No, I’m not talking about a face-off between the N&O and the Herald Sun. If you get PBS HD 4.2, Frontline is airing the episode, “What’s Happening to the News”, of their series News War Bergman traces the recent history of American journalism, from the Nixon administration’s attacks on the media and the post-Watergate popularity […]

  • Chapel Hill News: Crushed by Council’s Jagganath

    I commented Dec. 4th that the Lot #5 development juggernaut was powered by an all-consuming illogic I fully expected to crush rational opposition. I wasn’t disappointed [VIDEO]. Echoing that sentiment, today’s Chapel Hill News speaks of a “proposal…so big and had so much town involvement — Mayor Kevin Foy and council member Bill Strom have […]