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  • Penny Rich Up to Bat

    Seems like the municipal elections are officially on. Kevin bowed out as mayor. Mark bowed in. Laurin, not surprisingly, ready to go again. And now Penny. I ran with Penny in 2007 and welcome her 2009 run. She did her homework, was firm in her convictions, eloquent and handled some rather nasty rebukes by two […]

  • Easthom on Being a Good Councilmember

    Laurin, a sitting member of the current Council ruminates this evening on what makes a good Mayor and Councilmember. Public service is not a right, but a privilege. Holding public office can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Being a good mayor or a good council member certainly comes by trial and […]

  • Voting Nov. 4th: I’m Not Worried

    Ellie, Elijah and I go to the polls Election Day (it deserves to be both capitalized and a holiday) – it is a family tradition. Even though I’ve voted in every major and almost all primary elections since 1980, I still get excited on Election Day (doubly so when I was running). While I’ve worked […]

  • Judge Calabria, FairJudges.net and the problem of 527 monies

    From todays New & Record (11/01/06): An independent political organization called FairJudges.Net began airing the ad this week. By promoting four Supreme Court candidates, it upsets a system meant to create a level playing field in judicial contests. Watchdog groups are up in arms. “Democracy North Carolina believes the activities of FairJudges.Net are a disturbing […]