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  • Trash Talk: Waste Not Methane, Want Not Energy – Additional SWAB Conversations

    To try to get the conversation caught up to date (and put the notes in a format Google, Yahoo, etc. will index), I’m republishing the further conversations the Orange County Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) has had on land fill gas utilization. Current membership (as of January 2007) and contact list for the SWAB includes: […]

  • Trash Talk: Waste Not Methane, Want Not Energy, A Few Examples

    I quoted in my post Trash Talk: 1 Megawatt of Waste Not Methane, Want Not Energy… a February, 2006 GeoTimes report titled Recovering Landfill Gas for Energy. Two of the authors, Amarjit Riat and Wayne Blake-Hedges work just North of us at Virginia’s Fairfax County I-95 landfill complex [MAP & INFO]: Riat, a professional engineer, […]

  • Trash Talk: Waste Not Methane, Want Not Energy

    One of the “planks” I ran on for Town Council involved inculcating a conservationist ethic within our local government. Besides practicing energy efficiency (Leather Seated SUVs), I suggested we could start using both energy recovery and decentralized energy production technologies to help make our Town’s operations more sustainable and economical. One such technology is methane […]