Month: October 2006

  • Chapel Watch, Larkspur Connector Kibosh

    Developers and neighbors don’t always see eye to eye but sometimes they do Caught between neighbors’ wishes and town policy, the developers of Chapel Watch Village off Eubanks Road have sided with the neighbors. N&O Larkspur connectivity was a big deal in last year’s Council race. A candidate (now council member) even tried to duck […]

  • Wonk Heaven: Discussion on BOCC to Max Debt Capacity with County Campus

    Yes, local forum SqueezeThePulp often loses its value when “noise drowns signal” and discussions devolve into vitriolic snarkiness (of which, I admit, I have cast a stone or two). Sometimes, though, there’s a hopeful sign that this “alternative to OrangePolitics” online community is growing in maturity and utility. A case in point, a Mark Peter’s […]

  • Greensboro’s Chief Problem: Transparency?

    One of the more interesting aspects of Greensboro’s Chief Wray debacle involves a report (the RMA) prepared by outside consultants for internal consumption by Greensboro’s leadership. Questions swirl around both the legality of releasing the full report on the conditions leading to Wray’s firing and the public necessity of those revelations. A number of GSO […]

  • Greensboro’s Chief Problem

    An update from Ed Cone on my reference to the release of a report on Greensboro’s Chief Wray, his behavior in managing his department, and the eventual breaking of trust between him and the Council. The fall and rise and fall of the leaders of Greensboro’s police force are well documented in Jerry Bledsoe’s Rhino […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Wrap Up

    [UPDATE] Back from a great meal at Ganache. Fantastic conversations with quite a few participants, GerryC, Anglico, SouthernDem, MisterSugar, Josh, Zabouti, Pam, AE, DB, Ed Cone, Anonymoses and so many others. A highpoint of the day was hearing during dinner the incredible backstory of local ‘blogger Serbian Bora Coturnix – Red-State Serbian Jewish atheist liberal […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Social Networking, MySpace

    Walked in on Bora Coturnix ( BlogAroundTheClock ) discussing his use of MySpace to identify folk by common Yugoslavian last names and then reach out through th “Add to Friend” function of MySpace to contact them… Nearly every one contacted joined. He goes on to describe, given the youth of those folks responding, how his […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Building a Media Culture within the News Organization

    A room chock-full of “real” journalists. Followed by media/PR consultants and then a sprinkling of citizen activists. So far, introductions. Local political whiz, former Council member, Gerry C is here – I look forward to meeting him face to face. Anglico (Jim Protzman) and SouthernDem are here for BlueNC. SouthernDem is a great, citizen journalist. […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006 – Elizabeth Edwards

    First session of ConvergeSouth just wrapped. So far the “UN” part of conference hasn’t really kicked in…probably too early on a Saturday morning to do total engagement. I had the opportunity to be the first non-“Ed Cone” questioner of Elizabeth. I put a tough one to her, asking if she had had a conversation with […]

  • A Healthy Sign, Robert Seymour Appointed to UNC Health Care Board

    From Kirk Ross’ ExileOnJonesStreet, the fabulous news that UNC Health Care is beginning to take action to live within their charter and restore some humanity to their service delivery mission: This morning, the UNC Board of Governors approved the appointment of Rev. Bob Seymour, who served as minister of Binkley Baptist for 30 years, to […]

  • Two Neighborhoods Revisited, Church St. Mugging Victim Recovering

    Not quite sure where on Church St. Eric Dawkins was when he was assaulted but the location caught my eye reading Wednesday’s Chapel Hill News police blotter. According to the blotter, the two attackers (since described as two black males, 5′ 10″ wearing black hoodies) beat Dawkins when he resisted and then fled in a […]

  • ConvergeSouth 2006

    I really enjoyed Greensboro’s first ‘blog-con ConvergeSouth, an “unconference” that attracted quite a few interesting and/or notorious folks. Good conversation (no surprise as Anton “Mr. Sugar” points out that ‘bloggers are usually good conversationalist), good food and a chance to learn by interaction. Tomorrow’s promises to be even better. Elizabeth Edwards will keynote on “Building […]

  • Easthom, Stancil Breath a Little Life Back into Municipal Network Initiative

    From Council member Laurin Easthom’s ‘blog The Easthom Page: At our last council meeting, I read the above history of wireless in town, and gave our new town manager, Roger Stancil, the opportunity to begin a process. He appointed a staff committee headed by Flo Miller to keep the process alive in exploring a municipal […]

  • Here comes the judge: The Forum – Anderson’s Question

    Chuck Anderson asks how the current system for selecting our judges (by election) might be modified to better serve the public. Carl Fox and Chuck Anderson were omitted because I ran out of juice for my camera. And then the last of my batteries went kaput. I apologize to Carl and Chuck for not capturing […]

  • Here comes the judge: The Forum – Fox’s Question

    Carl Fox starts with the observation that 9 out of 10 people sitting in his court audience are young African-American males. “What are we doing wrong that is causing so many males to end up in court and what can we do to fix the situation?”

  • Here comes the judge: The Forum – Stein’s Question

    What experience do you have?