Month: November 2007

  • UNC Carolina North: How Innovative the First Step?

    I’ve said I understand why UNC feels compelled to push forward it plans for the Carolina North Innovation Center but I still want to see a master plan that incorporates this project, its supplementary infrastructure and the results of the on-going transit, fiscal equity and environmental studies before one concrete block is laid. Timing is […]

  • Weave Real Connections

    Connections are made slowly, sometimes they grow underground. You cannot tell always by looking what is happening. More than half the tree is spread out in the soil under your feet. Penetrate quietly as the earthworm that blows no trumpet. Fight persistently as the creeper that brings down the tree. Spread like the squash plant […]

  • Chapel Hill’s Resegregation?

    Following up on last week’s panel discussion of John Ehle’s 1965 book “The Free Men,” Terri B. is concerned about the direction Chapel Hill is headed: I do not believe that building luxury housing surrounding the remaining historically black neighborhoods in downtown is an acceptable solution. Thanks Terri for the link to photographer Jim Wallace’s […]

  • Mike Nelson: Marty Ravellette “American Hero”

    Orange County Commissioner Mike Nelson on Marty Ravellette. He was, perhaps, the most impressive individual I’ve ever met. The world was a richer place because he walked amongst us. [UPDATE] The Chape l Hill News reports on Marty’s service: There will be a graveside service for Marty Ravellette at Maplewood Cemetery Thursday at 2 pm. […]

  • Super Incumbency: What Fred Said….

    Following up on my recent comments, Fred Black weighs in on this year’s “super incumbency” and the deleterious effect it had on our community.

  • Marty Ravellette

    Heck of a month for Chapel Hill legends. Photo AlderMedia I met Marty many years ago, used to run into him down at 501 Diner and on Franklin Street. He was an industrious guy, grinning away as he worked. Willing to take a minute and meet new folks – talk to them openly about his […]

  • Closing the Door on Diversity

    One of the issues that got short shrift this election cycle was the relationship between Chapel Hill’s fiscal policy, Downtown’s “rah rah” growth plan, taxes and our goal to promote a diverse community. We know longtime residents of moderate means struggle to keep their homes. We know folks just starting out can’t get their foot […]

  • Election 2007: Incumbents Strategy Disservice to Our Community

    I’ll be wrapping my election coverage up in a series of posts, including a big thank you for all of you that “had my back”, but, before that, I just read these two items from today’s newspapers that underline why the incumbents strategy of disengagement was so corrosive – and was quite a shameful disservice […]

  • Delay is Not Our Friend

    I’m a proactive kind of guy. In the last few years I’ve tried to get our Town’s leadership to look beyond the immediate to address the foreseeable needs of our community and preparing for the consequences of our local and national policies. In some cases, like moving forward on improving our Town’s communications infrastructure, hiring […]

  • Election 2007: The Arrows in My Back ;-)!

    To all the folks that have sent me emails of support in the face of a dramatic surge in negative, personal attacks, I thank you. It has been a strange election season. I didn’t expect the Sierra Club or the IndyWeek to endorse me, for political or personal reasons. But I never expected the Indy […]

  • Richly Deserved: Czajkowski and Rich Get The Daily Tar Heel Endorsement

    As I wrote recently, it’s been quite interesting to see how folks respond to the challenge of campaigning. I know it’s not conventional to salute your campaign opponents – which explains why the incumbents don’t mention my role in hiring an economic development officer, green fleets, re-balancing the size of affordable housing on Lot #5, […]

  • Halloween Trick: Bank-rolling Boozing

    Local teen alcohol awareness activist Dale Pratt-Wilson asks if the $225,000 spent managing Downtown’s Halloween booze-fest is worth it: Wow…What an awesome use of my tax dollars! I am especially pleased with having to pay for twenty-one Orange County EMS calls related to drunkenness. It would be interesting to see a cost analysis of what […]

  • Halloween Trick: North Street Complaint

    I believe there’s usually a better way to do almost anything and, as a business person, well understand the value of customer complaints as a tool for driving improvement. Complaints are like canaries in the coal mine alerting you to developing negative conditions – many organizations, though, would rather kill the canary than respond to […]