Month: June 2008

  • Council “Off the Rails”

    I broke my silence at this evening’s Town Council meeting. All throughout the Spring I’ve tried to ignore the Council’s accumulating messes. It was difficult. The Mayor and Council acting “shocked” by the financial predicament we’re in – something I’ve been forecasting for the last 4 years. More “shock” that the drought has real impacts […]

  • Council Oblivious: How Long Must This Go On?

    There’s been racial tensions within Chapel Hill’s public works department for many years. During the last ten years I’ve heard and read about some quite troublesome behavior. I faulted former town manager Cal Horton’s “silo” style of management for covering up rather than resolving some rather nasty bits of racism. With Roger Stancil coming on-board […]

  • Mt. Bolus Rocks the Vote

    Just got back from the Chapel Hill Library where, at roughly 7:15pm, my wife and I were the 83rd and 84th voters in today’s primary run-off. Heard from a few folks throughout the day that turnout was abysmal. One of the poll-workers told us that there were only 324 early votes STATEWIDE! Ellie and I […]

  • Warrantless, Illegal Surveillance: Price, Maybe. Feingold, Hell NO!

    [Update:] Quisling Democrats capitulated in a vote 293 to 129. Rep. Price votes NO!!. Good for him. More here: House Approves Unconstitutional Surveillance Legislation . Yesterday I couldn’t get an inking of how my local “progressive” Democrat US Rep. David Price would vote on the latest attempt to defend the indefensible. Would he vote to […]

  • David Price Letting Telecom Lawbreakers Off the Hook?

    Called David Price, my local Congressman, this afternoon to see if he planned to vote NO on tomorrow’s House Bill HR 6304 which proffers blanket immunity to those telecoms, like ATT (Bellsouth, Cingular), that knowingly broke Federal and State wire-tapping laws on behalf of our current lawless madministration. His current stance: no opinion. In fact, […]

  • Health Insurance Is Not The Issue

    Quick response to the Council’s recent “health” problems. I appreciate your interest. I’ve had a number of folks ask me if I was surprised by last week’s debacle. I wasn’t. The inclusion of this item on the agenda was no accident and is reflective of this Council’s willingness to manipulate the process to get their […]