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  • Raleigh’s Carlton Place: A Downtown Affordable Housing Commitment Worth Emulating

    I’ve followed the ins-and-outs of Raleigh’s Carlton Place before the Wallace Deck/Lot #5 developments took flight. 64 of the 80 units – ranging in size from 800 to 1200 sq./ft. – are priced so those making %60 of Wake County’s median income can afford one. Market rates aren’t too shabby either (market/affordable): 1 BR/1 BA […]

  • They Count: 2007 Point in Time Orange County Homeless Census

    Cross-posted from Terri Buckner’s (TerriB’s) ‘blog LocalEcology Orange County Homelessness Fact SheetFebruary 2007 Total Number of Homeless People Counted in January 2007: 224 Homeless people staying in temporary shelter: 199 Homeless people without shelter (i.e. on the streets): 25 Homeless families: 23 Homeless people in families (including children): 60 Homeless children: 35 Homeless individuals (not […]

  • Downtown Development: Feb. 12th Council Debate

    [UPDATE:] The video below streams from my site – here’s the Google Video that streams faster. Here’s the complete “debate” Council held on the Lot #5. Note how quickly the expedited SUP application was approved.

  • Downtown Development Initiative: Where’s the beef?

    [UPDATE] How could the negotiations team done a better job informing the public throughout the process? Here’s two examples from Greensboro’s District 5 Council member Sandy Carmany covering their coliseum issues, this one from a year ago and this one from November. Sure, she wasn’t hampered by reporting on material potentially shielded under NC’s open […]

  • Chapel Hill Downtown Development Initiative: The Debate

    Posted these individual citizen comments from the Nov. 20th Public Hearing on the Downtown Development Scott Kovens Robert Dowling Gene Pease Roger Perry Lex Alexander David Godschalk David Hartzell Joyce Brown Janet Kagan Alan Rimer Barnes Burke Laurie Paolicelli Scott Radway Anita Badrock Tom Jensen Josh Gurlitz Liz Parham Philip Duchastel Bill Camp Raymond Bernadette […]

  • Downtown Development Initiative: Culbreth and the Domino Effect

    Chris Culbreth, a second term member of the Town’s Community Design Commission (CDC), stayed late Monday, Nov. 20th, to comment to Council on the proposed revisions for the Process for Revision of the Comprehensive Plan Interestingly enough, he spent more of his limited time counseling Council on the Downtown Development Initiative (DDI) juggernaut than the […]

  • UNC’s Board of Trustee Roger Perry: You’re Insulted?

    UNC trustee and local developer Roger Perry said his sense was that UW-Madison officials essentially tell the community that the university’s mission requires it to do a certain project, and then everyone goes to work on preventing negative impacts, without trying to stop the project in general. He said he’d like to get to that […]

  • Hillsborough425: Google Earth Fly-By, Alpha Quality

    Alpha quality? This is my first release of a “fly-by” created with Google’s mapping tool Google Earth [v4.0291.beta], drawing tool SketchUp and published concept plans to model new development in our community. In this case, modeling RAM Development’s 322 luxury condos visual impact. The large McMansion-like teardown, unfortunately, is displacing Hillsborough Street’s affordable 111 unit […]

  • Hillsborough425: Daily Tar Heel Says “Scrap the Plan”

    That’s the Daily Tar Heel’s Editorial Board. The concept plan to tear down the 111-unit Town House Apartment complex and build 322 new nonrental luxury units called the Residences at Grove Park should be scrapped before any more money is wasted investigating the issue. They share some common concerns: traffic and affordable housing.