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  • Downtown Development Initiative: A Few New Perspectives

    Lot #5 Downtown Development RAM building design based on Nov. 20th public hearing proposal . The model is in proportion and the proper height. It wasn’t until I laid out the model that I realized how large a beast we have here… Looking North towards Lot 5 Dec2 Lot 5 Hovering above Baptist Church Steeple […]

  • Downtown Initiative: $500,000 here, $7.3 Million there, pretty soon we’re talking real money…

    A quick reminder of this evening’s public forum [Mon., Nov. 20th] on the failing Downtown Initiative. Tonight’s agenda starts with this gem The 2000 Comprehensive Plan’s goal for downtown is to “enhance the downtown’s role as the center of the community, with a pedestrian orientation and a human scale.” I consider the 104′ multi-building development […]

  • Hillsborough425: Yes, it is interactive!

    One of my readers was slightly confused about whether the fly-by of Hillsborough425 documented in my post Hillsborough425: Google Earth Fly-By, Alpha Quality was live or not. Yes it is! If you have the proper version of GoogleEarth installed ( GoogleEarth v4.0291.beta ), then opening this link will crank up the application and display the […]

  • What Price Downtown? Possibly more than you might think…

    To be clear, the $500K direct payment + $7.9 million lease “kickback” ($8.4 million) I ‘blogged on earlier, in spite of what the Mayor affirmed today, is not necessarily fixed in stone. As reported in July 15th, 2006’s Chapel Hill News article “Project Price Rising” Council members said they’re open to paying more, though doing […]