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  • Golf and Politics

    I play golf. Yes, I once regularly played – pretty darn well – a game once generally synonymous with elitism, bigotry and wealth. My father is a great golfer. Coming from a blue collar family,his opportunity to hone his skills came when he picked up a second job caddying clubs for the Akron country club […]

  • Chapel Hill News: My Mistake, Not Theirs

    Hey folks. I’ve had a number of supporters contact me about the omission of my comments on Downtown in Sunday’s Chapel Hill News. It was completely my fault. Even though I was prepared, I submitted my answers too late for inclusion in the print edition. I did post the answers several days ago here (Chapel […]

  • Election 2007: Chapel Hill News Candidate Questionnaire

    Here’s my answers to the Chapel Hill News candidate questionnaire. If the answers seem a bit terse, it’s because brevity was required. POLITICAL PARTY AND EXPERIENCE: 2005 Candidate for Town Council Town Advisory Boards: Horace-William’s Citizen Comm., Downtown Parking Task Force, Technology Board Other: Community Independent Expansion Comm. , Friends of Lincoln Arts Center While […]

  • Election 2007: On Environment, Early to the Carolina North Party

    I’m a longtime watchdog of the UNC development process. UNC, with Carolina North, started off as they had with many of their main campus projects – discounting our community’s concerns and dispensing with residents input. I knew there had to be a better way to work towards a satisfactory conclusion for both our University and […]

  • Election 2007: League Of Women Voters Forum

    A big thank you to the local chapter of the League of Women Voters for an excellent forum this evening. Vicki Boyer, who occasionally posts on OrangePolitics kept the show moving along with a variety of audience questions. Unlike the Sierra Club forum, the environmental and social justice issues surrounding our neighbors out on Rogers […]

  • Election 2007: Recycle, Reuse

    Recycle and reuse are two environmental principles our local community follows fairly well. In that spirit, I believe our citizens will appreciate my putting frugality over novelty. Signs are sprouting up around Town. Several of mine, it appears, were saved by some of my 2005 supporters and trotted out a little early. Thanks folks for […]

  • Election 2007: Sierra Club Interview

    X-Posted from Will Raymond for Town Council 2007: The local Orange-Chatham Sierra Club participates in the local election process two ways: endorsing candidates and sponsoring a forum. Last Sunday, Chairman Bernadette Pelissier, Political Chair Loren Hintz and member Matthew Scheer interviewed me on behalf of the Sierra Club to determine if I qualified for an […]

  • Election 2007: The Chamber’s Yes, No and Unsure Questionnaire

    X-Posted from my 2007 Campaign web site. Even though the Chamber made it clear that extended replies where not welcomed in the 2007 questionnaire ( Election 2007: The Chamber’s Yes, No, Unsure – Again!), I took the opportunity to answer each of their questions beyond the constraints of “yes, no, unsure”. The questions are broad, […]

  • CitizenWill is Certifiable

    As some of the more “critical” of you readers have noted elsewhere, CitizenWill is certifiable – and here’s the proof. I zipped down yesterday to Raleigh for the 2 hour campaign treasurer training session to comply with the new NC election statutes. Though I’ve been filing reports since 2005, and a lot of the material […]

  • Downtown Development Intiative: Thank you Sir, May I Have Another?

    I missed the exact vote but the Council has not only authorized the Lot #5 development but put it on a fast-track. Talk about compounding a mistake. What’s clear, especially after this evening, is the bulk of Council does not comprehend the consequences of their decision. From my understanding, the SUP (special use permit) gives […]

  • Redistricting Referendum: Is Education Enough?

    The League of Women Voters has asked me to speak at two forums in the coming weeks as “the opponent” to this referendum (because of my Sept. 2006 Chapel Hill News column “All Quiet on the Election Front”). Moses Carey will argue for the referendum and I’m supposed to do 5 minutes on my opposition. […]

  • Here comes the judge, and the judge and the judge and the potential judge

    I know, short notice of tonight’s (Wed. Oct. 11th, 2006) forum for Superior Court 15B candidates. The forum is sponsored by UNC’s Young Dems. From Matt Liles OrangePoltics notice: The Orange County Young Democrats will hold a forum with all four candidates for Superior Court on Wednesday, Oct 11th at 7pm in Room 4085 of […]

  • All Quiet on the Election Front?

    Or are we waiting on the real battles to begin?  This election season I have two goals: to squash the mediocre Orange County districting referendum and to get Judge Baddour elected. Here’s my latest Chapel Hill News column “Election referendum doesn’t fly”: How much does it cost to unload a real turkey? This month, our […]

  • Welcome to CitizenWill

    Over the last year, I’ve written about 300 posts now split between and Covering my 2005 Town Council campaign, I started with, a hopefully memorable Internet location for the local electorate to find both my platform and analysis of relevant issues. November 2005, I rebranded the site as Concerned Citizen, shifted the […]

  • Help Welcome UNC Class of 2010

    Chapel Hill’s Downtown Partnership is looking for some folks to help welcome UNC students, especially the class of 2010, back to town. UNC Move-In Weekend will take place August 18-20th. Many downtown businesses offer discounts to students and their families during this weekend and throughout the year, and the Downtown Partnership would like to let […]