Month: March 2006

  • Holy Blogitude?

    I follow former local blogger Justin Watt’s Justinsomnia daily, if for no other reason than to meditate over his California dreamin’ pictures. About 3 weeks ago Justin hit a small speed bump in the blogverse when his parody of a Exodus International billboard generated his first cease-and-desist demand. You see, Exodus is dedicated to “freedom […]

  • Holy blogitude Batman!

    One of my all time favorite online diarist is ae of arsepoetica. She’s elevated sharpened commentary on Herr Dim Son to a high art. Now, after a bit of the SxSW ‘blogger koolaid db has entered the fray. Welcome db. Here’s some of the other local folk well worth reading (far from exhaustive, presented in […]

  • SxSW – Crossing the Line

    Local folk Chatham County Line killed at the Continental Cafe YepRoc showcase. Great energy, perfect sound and a bustling set of new and old material.

  • SxSW – So you want to be a Rockstar Journalist?

    Advice to Rockstar Journalist wannabees: Net-wise, we’re living in a Web 2.0 self-serve world. Better learn online email, blogging and pod/video-casting. Don’t whine when the new kids beat you to the story! Who cares about print bylines anymore? Develop your personal brand online: ‘blog every chance you get. Either work for folk without paywalls, change […]

  • UNC Carolina North: Old Dog, Old Tricks?

    Barry Jacobs doesn’t get it. Barry Jacobs, chairman of the Orange County commissioners and a committee member, said he is not as concerned about UNC-CH leaders wielding undue influence. “I don’t see what there is to conspire about behind closed doors because I don’t have to agree to anything, and I don’t have to be […]

  • SxSW Day 1.3 – Stirling Sterling?

    Will Bruce Sterling be able to harness the waste heat generated by all of SxSWi’s “monetizing our customers” discussions and drive the conference to a successful conclusion? 5 minutes from now I should begin to know. [UPDATE: Podcast of Sterling’s speech.] Web 2.0, the most important Internet innovation since the browser. Welcome to the Web […]

  • SxSW Day 1.3 – Where is Winer?

    Hey, where’s Dave? [UPDATE: It appears virtual Dave has died. ] RSS: Not Just for Blogs Anymore. Really? The folks from Feedburner, Bloglines and other RSS consumer/producers weigh in. Chris Frye – Feedburner “our service should be invisible” oriented towards publishers “consumption has gotten very interesting” Creation->Deconstruction->Consumption Consumption – newsgator, yahoo, technorati, google, Deconstruction […]

  • SxSW Day 1.2 – Craigslist Newmark’s Austin Upgrade

    Craigslist’s Craig Newmark’s conversation with Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales is highly informative, entertaining, insightful (Newspapers are community services, for instance). [UPDATE: Newmark’s remarks.] Ruby S. had an opportunity to ask Newmark about a comment from today’s NPR discussion of the Knight/Ridder-McClatchey media merger. A guest claimed Newmark’s Craig’s List was responsible. Newmark laughed and said it […]

  • SxSW Day 1.1.1 – I hear that whistle blowin’…

    Starting the day with former Chapel Hillian Doc Searls and an exegesis of the seven year-old Cluetrain Manifesto 95 theses – good enough for Martin Luther. Why cluetrain? A friend told him about a Valley company where “The cluetrain stopped there for 4 years but they never took a delivery.” Theses 90 – Henry Copeland […]

  • SxSW Day 1.1.1 – Hey Raleigh, Remember the Drinking Water Fountains!

    After reflecting on my experiences of the last couple days, Ruby Sinreich’s (local pol blog OrangePolitics) solid showing against the big boys, a fun time at Henry’s BlogAds party, I was all prepared to perform a major upgrade to my SxSWi calendar – to move to either Day 1.2 or even Day 2.0 (yes, I […]

  • SxSW Day 1.1 – Where in the World?

    How to Make the Most of Maps. From the first minute of this map-tech smorgasborg, I could tell this was going to be a rewarding (in a karmic sense) session. OK/Cancel’s Kevin Cheng ([UPDATE: SxSWi 1.2 late] who, beside being a cool web-comic dude is a YahooMaps guy for Yahoo), moderating, starts with a set […]

  • SxSW Day 1.1 – Startling Startup Steps

    Sink or Swim: The Five Most Important Startup Decisions Subtitled: “Why I didn’t sell out to Google?” One of the best descriptions of the elevator pitch I’ve ever heard – retitled “the MacWorld test”. If someone stops at your MacWorld booth and asks what your product does, and you fumble about for a few minutes […]

  • SxSW Day 1.1 – Everything New is Old Again

    The first session, “What’s Hot in Web Applications” is turning out to be product demos for the large captive audience. On tap Meebo, Zimbra, AdaptivePath and YackPack.YackPack – BJ Fogg brings up his app on screen dominated by prominent ads for Monster/FlowersAcrossAmerica. Product placement on their demo – quite tacky to hit us with an […]

  • SxSW Day 1.1 – Theme in a Minor Key

    SxSW Interactive has been informative/interesting in an evolutionary way, not a revolutionary way (at least to-date). Given that, day 2 is a minor upgrade to day 1 – welcome to SxSW Day 1.1.

  • SxSW Day 1.0 – Money, Money, Money!

    I’ve been thinking about money all day. It started with Eric Rice’s breezy dismissal of my question on the ethics of product placement in videocast. Sure, I expected some pimping of products, speakers, books – that’s the way of most conferences (but not all). I didn’t expect SxSW, with forums on social responsibility and the […]