Month: March 2006

  • SxSW Day 1.0 – Mob Rules?

    Next session has James Surowiecki speaking on The Wisdom of Crowds. BTW, I caught the 2pm keynote which covered “building big things with small groups”. Their wisdom: KISS. Title compliments of SteveR Tapping the collective wisdom of a large group of people – “under proper conditions we can leverage the intelligence of the large group”. […]

  • SxSW Day 1.0 – Telamonian or Locrian Ajax?

    Local Austin developer David Humphreys opens the panel by introducing Jesse James Garrett, who coined the term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) – which describes a mix of web technologies used to provide a much more fluid web experience to the end users. Humphreys kids that by coining the phrase, Garrett has gauranteed himself many […]

  • SxSW Day 1.0 – Looking for Mr. Goodxml

    Looking for XML in All the Wrong Places is supposed to cover all the vagaries of XML usage in the Web-world. Finding well-formed XML on the ‘net can be quite a chore 😉 As I walk in they’re discussing XML micro-formats. The discussion shifts to namespaces and namespacing your documents. Oops! The classic namespace boner […]

  • SxSW Day 1.0 – Podcastiong 2.0

    [UPDATE: Podcast of this session.] First up, Podcasting 2.0, a panel discussion crying out for the unconferencing talents of our local Audioactivism’s BrianR: Chris Pirollo on podcasting “It’s not a lack of tools, it’s a lack of talent.” One person asks – “Is there anyway you can do to make a podcast sound professional?” Pirollo […]

  • SxSW Day 1.0

    I’m attending SxSW Interactive in Austin this week. Interactive is a growing adjunct (attendance up %270) of SxSW (South by Southwest). Panels cover a range of topics, technical to political to social. I thought I’d post a few comments on the sessions I’m attending/monitoring/ease-dropping on throughout the week.

  • Castles in the Clouds

    Note: This is the full-text of an editorial published in today’s Daily Tar Heel. Ryan Tuck did an excellent job editting for brevity – I’m including the full-text here for completeness. An election does not a leader make, but rather a temperament and a set of skills. Leaders with vision will make sure their decisions […]