Month: July 2009

  • Congratulations Cyclones!

    UPDATE: Chapel Hill News finally weighs in here! The Exchange Pool swim team, the Cyclones, came in first once again in the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League championship. The team also won the League Swim for Smiles Award with the girls taking the dual meet honors. Ellie and I have been “official” members of the […]

  • Sustainability Task Force: Ten New Candidates

    I was appointed as one of the “at large” members of the Town’s Sustainability Task Force several months ago. One of the first issues we took up was representation on the task force itself. Essentially, did the task force membership represent the reasonably broadest possible diversity of viewpoints and experience we needed to craft a […]

  • Look To The Stars and Dream

    Even after 40 years the Moon landing remains one of the touchstones of my life. I am fascinated by science. Growing up I, like many other kids of the ’60’s, dreamed of traveling to space. I wanted to join NASA and help make those dreams reality. It seemed a given that rational investigation and thoughtful […]

  • Will Raymond for Town Council 2009

    A big thank you to all the folks who contacted and encouraged me to run. Below is my formal announcement, more posts to follow: Will Raymond Announces Run for Chapel Hill Town Council 2009 Chapel Hill, NC – July 17th, 2009 I am taking the next step in my eight year continuum of public service […]