Month: November 2005

  • Unintimidating communications?

    From tonight’s agenda, Chapel Hill’s new communications plan the opening paragraph emphasizes a friendly openness: The Town Council believes that open communication with all citizens is an important community value. The Town of Chapel Hill makes a consistent effort to be a helpful, accessible, consistent, unintimidating and human source of information; and works to assure […]

  • Timber!

    Holiday tree trimming comes a little early at Horace-Williams Airport. Orangish will be trimmed, bluish are nuked.

  • Please stayed tuned….

    I will be posting a much more extensive thank you’s, some ruminations on the outcome and various other miscellany fairly soon. For now, I’m busy fighting one heck of a cold from Tuesday, catching up on some work and pulling together some loose ends from my run. Speaking of loose ends, I’m looking for some […]

  • 7:21AM

    By 7:21AM, my signs were out of almost every precinct (Frank Porter Graham/Scroggs were the last two I got after dropping E. at school) and off most of the roads. By 9:30AM, every sign I knew about (and I kept a log!) was safely retrieved. If you have a sign or see a sign waving […]

  • Wrap up….

    At this point, with 38 precincts reporting, it appears I’m headed for a solid 5th place. If the trend of a vote for Thorpe is a vote for Harrison continues, I imagine that by the end count I’ll still be out of the running. Of course, it isn’t over until it’s over – 45 of […]

  • 5:45am The Balloon is Going UP!

    The balloon is going up! Headed out from campaign headquarters 😉 to take a quick tour of the key precincts in town. Putting a few last flourishes on and checking for sign “corruption”.