Month: April 2010

  • Chapel Hill Library Funding: Orange County Commissioners & Council Committee Meet

    Went to this afternoon’s Council committee meeting to see how Orange County’s Commissioners would respond to Chapel Hill’s demands to increase Library operational funding NOW rather than later. A few general observations/comments before my notes. First, an apology to my loyal readers. I have spent much more time accumulating content than presenting it. For instance, […]

  • Live ‘Blog: April 13th IFC Community House Meeting

    Quick notes on this evening’s final IFC Community House public meeting prior to the IFC submitting a SUP (special use permit) to Town Council. IFC is the Inter-Faith Council, a 501c3 non-profit, has provided a broad range of social services (list) over the last few decades, many of which, like emergency housing, are the really […]

  • NAACP Townhall Forum for Orange County Sheriff

    A little late notice but I’m going to try to live ‘blog this evening’s forum. First up, OC Sheriff candidates: current Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass and recent Chief of Hillsborough Police Clarence Birkhead. Web sites: Clarence Birkhead – Lindy Pendergrass –