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  • Here comes the judge, and the judge and the judge and the potential judge

    I know, short notice of tonight’s (Wed. Oct. 11th, 2006) forum for Superior Court 15B candidates. The forum is sponsored by UNC’s Young Dems. From Matt Liles OrangePoltics notice: The Orange County Young Democrats will hold a forum with all four candidates for Superior Court on Wednesday, Oct 11th at 7pm in Room 4085 of […]

  • All Quiet on the Election Front?

    Or are we waiting on the real battles to begin?  This election season I have two goals: to squash the mediocre Orange County districting referendum and to get Judge Baddour elected. Here’s my latest Chapel Hill News column “Election referendum doesn’t fly”: How much does it cost to unload a real turkey? This month, our […]

  • Welcome to CitizenWill

    Over the last year, I’ve written about 300 posts now split between campaign.willraymond.org and blog.willraymond.org Covering my 2005 Town Council campaign, I started with WillRaymond.org, a hopefully memorable Internet location for the local electorate to find both my platform and analysis of relevant issues. November 2005, I rebranded the site as Concerned Citizen, shifted the […]

  • Help Welcome UNC Class of 2010

    Chapel Hill’s Downtown Partnership is looking for some folks to help welcome UNC students, especially the class of 2010, back to town. UNC Move-In Weekend will take place August 18-20th. Many downtown businesses offer discounts to students and their families during this weekend and throughout the year, and the Downtown Partnership would like to let […]

  • Robin Cutson Drops a Feather

    Robin Cutson, a fellow 2005 candidate for Chapel Hill Town Council and, more recently, a candidate for Orange County Board of Commissioners, has decided to spur local change outside of the “established system”. She say’s she’s frustrated with the inability of our local elected folk to solve problems in a common sensical fashion: …it appears […]

  • You can’t squeeze orange juice from a turnip….

    Citizens aren’t geese and, for most, the golden eggs they pay in taxes don’t come easy. While I’ve been critical of both the county’s and town’s 2006-2007 budgets, it’s Chapel Hill’s efforts that have disappointed me the most. Why? The advertised “balance” was based on reductions in fiscal responsibility, a “lucky” sales tax windfall and […]

  • Unlucky %13

    Early primary day I read online reports of low turnout in Hillsborough, Efland, Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Having done a bit of research on local elections, I realized that my vote, 222, that late in the day, at the Chapel Hill Library, home of Estes Hills precinct, a precinct which traditionally turns out heavily, was […]

  • May 2nd: 6:30am. 7:30pm. Call 5. Drag 3.

    Polls are open 6:30am to 7:30pm.

  • May 2nd: Don’t fear the reaper, get out and vote!

    Several months ago I went to Hillsborough for a demonstration of the ESS voting equipment. I saw the tried and true, paper ballot optical scan code machine and the fancy, complex and, I think, easy-to-tamper-with, touch screen unit. Wisely, the Board of Elections recommended the optical scan over the touch screen.

  • Ruling in favor of Judge Baddour

    May 2nd, the good folk of Chapel Hill have an opportunity to keep Allen Baddour on the Superior Court bench.

  • Please stayed tuned….

    I will be posting a much more extensive thank you’s, some ruminations on the outcome and various other miscellany fairly soon. For now, I’m busy fighting one heck of a cold from Tuesday, catching up on some work and pulling together some loose ends from my run. Speaking of loose ends, I’m looking for some […]

  • 7:21AM

    By 7:21AM, my signs were out of almost every precinct (Frank Porter Graham/Scroggs were the last two I got after dropping E. at school) and off most of the roads. By 9:30AM, every sign I knew about (and I kept a log!) was safely retrieved. If you have a sign or see a sign waving […]

  • Wrap up….

    At this point, with 38 precincts reporting, it appears I’m headed for a solid 5th place. If the trend of a vote for Thorpe is a vote for Harrison continues, I imagine that by the end count I’ll still be out of the running. Of course, it isn’t over until it’s over – 45 of […]

  • 5:45am The Balloon is Going UP!

    The balloon is going up! Headed out from campaign headquarters 😉 to take a quick tour of the key precincts in town. Putting a few last flourishes on and checking for sign “corruption”.

  • Who uses the bus? I use the bus!

    Wednesday, 8:30am, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.