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  • Hank Anderson-Bill Thorpe Breakfast Club Endorsement

    Big thanks to the Anderson-Thorpe Breakfast Club for endorsing my candidacy for Town Council. More on my campaign website.

  • Q&A IFC Community House

    There are a lot of questions about the IFC’s plans to site the new men’s homeless shelter on Homestead Road. As a candidate for Town Council, I have been reading concerned citizens emails and letters – almost 100 or so – on this project. Executive Chris Moran has prepared the following Q & A based […]

  • 2009 Sierra Club Chapel Hill Candidate Forum

    Thanks to Loren Hintz. Matt Scheer, Jason Baker (2005 candidate for Town Council), May Becker, Judith Ferster and the rest of the membership of the Orange-Chatham Sierra Club for both sponsoring the recent candidate forum and making the following video available to the wider community. Also thanks to my fellow colleague on the Sustainability Task […]

  • 2009 NRG Chapel Hill Candidate Forum

    Thanks to Madeline Jefferson, Bob Henshaw, Julie McClintock, Janet Smith, Alan Snavely, Mickey Jo Sorrel and the rest of the membership of Neighborhoods For Responsible Growth (NRG) for both sponsoring the recent candidate forum and making the following video available to the wider community. Also thanks to my neighbor (and former Chapel Hill Mayor) Jonathon […]

  • Engaging the Community: Everyone but OP

    Last night I got an invite from Ruby Sinreich to engage other candidates on her local ‘blog OrangePolitics. Though I was an avid contributor to her ‘blog for several years, contributing a significant portion of the content, I have declined to participate in building her readership or commercial “brand” during this year’s election cycle. My […]

  • Feb. 19th: Busy Thursday

    A couple meetings tonight that folks may want to check out. First, a meeting on Northside and the corrosive effect burgeoning development, taxes and shrinking opportunities is having on that traditional community. From today’s Herald-Sun: Local activists united to address what they view as “historic discrimination, rising property taxes, and development that threaten communities of […]

  • Easthom on Being a Good Councilmember

    Laurin, a sitting member of the current Council ruminates this evening on what makes a good Mayor and Councilmember. Public service is not a right, but a privilege. Holding public office can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Being a good mayor or a good council member certainly comes by trial and […]

  • Orange County Voice Pushes Plan B

    Orange County Voice, another Orange County organization working on the trash transfer site issue along side Preserve Rural Orange, has picked up on the Plan B options I have posted on as recently as last Fall (Trash Talk:Commissioner Gordon “No Plan B”). Bonnie Hauser, Tony Blake, Susan Walser (recent editorial) and other members have done […]

  • Roland Giduz, No Longer the Old Codger Blogger

    I was saddened to hear that Roland has died. More here (H-S). Roland’s online presence as the “old codger blogger” here. Roland, a journalist, an activist, a leader, a “ne’er do well” and old codger was recently commissioned a Chapel Hill treasure, part of what made Chapel Hill cool.

  • Carolina North: Easthom – “Now is the time!”

    Council member Laurin Easthom says “Now is the time” for the community to get involved with the planning for Carolina North. Now is the time. Now is the time to comment on Carolina North, the largest development to ever hit the Town of Chapel Hill. The Town Council and UNC Trustees are meeting monthly to […]

  • Vote for Me? Orangepolitics Straw Poll

    [UPDATED: Fixed missing links.] A number of readers sent me a link to an informal poll (here) over on OrangePolitics. If you register, you can vote and add to my apparent lead 😉 As many of you know, after contributing significantly to Ruby’s website over many years, I pulled my support from OP, a supposedly […]

  • Eve Carson: Ripples of Hope

    Eve Carson was universally lauded by the local community for epitomizing the Carolina Way. Her friends honor her by ensuring that her contribution to our community continues. Linda send out this reminder. Dear Friends and Neighbors, The death of Eve Carson last year was a tragic moment that stunned us all. In the months since […]

  • Persons Out of Place

    In my application for Bill’s seat on Council, I mentioned my concern (“Walking is not a crime.”) that the recently announced Orange County Community Safety Partnership program, which trains Town staff and the general public to identify and report criminal activity or other public safety related issues, needs to be careful in discriminating what is […]

  • Halloween, 2008: Helicopters and Sirens Go On and On

    I was Downtown about 8pm this evening. Some folks were gathering but it was generally quiet. It appeared Chapel Hill’s attempt to “scare” off visitors might have worked. Starting 9:30pm though I began to wonder. We live close to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and the Police Station. Starting 10pm there was the constant thrum […]

  • Filling the Seat: Ten Applicants

    As of 5:00pm, 10 folks applied to fill Bill’s seat. It’s an interesting cross-section of concerned citizens. Amy, Gene and I have worked on several mutual issues before Council. Andre and Loren I know from their advisory board and advocacy work. Don served on the Technology Board with me. With 10 applicants, I expect our […]