Month: July 2007

  • Summer’s Bloom

    No telling how brilliant this Summer’s harvest will be… Time will tell.

  • Jacobs to Strom: The Homeless Shelter Remains A Spasm in Chapel Hill’s Lower Back-side

    “The communication between the two governments within the same community has been spasmodic and not effective.” — Orange County Commissioner Barry Jacobs after Chapel Hill Town Council member Bill Strom criticized the county this week for not working more closely with the town on finding new locations for a children’s museum, men’s homeless shelter and […]

  • Broadcasting Localism, a People’s Channel Fundraiser

    As many of you know, I have a particular interest in employing technology to boost our citizens’ voices cost-effectively and in ways not otherwise possible. I met a kindred spirit in the The Peoples Channel’s director Chad Johnston many years ago when we both started attending the Town’s now defunct Technology Advisory Board to encourage […]

  • Election 2007: Public Financing Next Cycle?

    As reported in today’s N&O, Chapel Hill is on track to be granted permission to create and use voter-owned elections for our municipal races. I’ve supported this and other efforts – cumulative voting, super-precincts, same-day registration – to open up access to local office and generate the greatest participation possible. The Senate approved HB143 and […]

  • Downtown Not So Sweet

    From today’s Herald-Sun The owner of Ben & Jerry’s in downtown Chapel Hill is attempting to sell the franchise, and if he doesn’t sell it, he plans to move the store to another location…The Chapel Hill shop has been at 102 W. Franklin St. for 19 years, but he explains there are problems with “We’re […]

  • Election 2007: Candidates Line Up

    Filing for office begins noon July 6th and ends noon July 20th. Confirmed candidates for Chapel Hill Council and Mayoral races are: Kevin Foy, current incumbent Mayor. Sally Greene, 4-year incumbent Council member, ‘blogger. Cam Hill (yes, quite a scary snapshot but there was no official site I could find), another 2003 winner and incumbent […]

  • By George….Entenman

    In response to NY Times OP Ed piece promoting the use of a 13-year-old biological technology that stimulates milk production in dairy cows — a protein called recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), or bovine growth hormone. The protein, produced naturally by a cow’s pituitary, is one of the substances that control its milk production. It can […]