Month: November 2006

  • Herald-Sun Editor Robert Ashley gets an earful from CitizenWill…

    Went to an interesting Downtown Partnership sponsored Safety Forum this morning, the notes of which I’ll post later… While there I had the pleasure of meeting the Herald-Sun’s Robert Ashley. Poor guy. He probably wouldn’t have sat next to me if he’d known I was going to give him an earful about the Herald-Sun’s on-line […]

  • Fish, Fowl, Eyeballs, Journalist: None of the above?

    My Nov. 4th Chapel Hill News column was kind of choppy this week. I guess one of the “nots” I can add to the list is a paragon of brevity. Some folks use the term “citizen journalist” to describe what I’m doing on CitizenWill – a description that hasn’t quite jelled into a term of […]

  • Signs, Signs Everywhere Fewer Signs?

    Made a quick 18 mile cycle through the major municipal precincts, along major roads, ramps and intersections last night to pick up some signs for a few candidates plus my Honest Abe NO on the referendum. Baddour’s supporters, considering the incredible number of his signs, seemed to have done an excellent first pass.

  • Signs of the Time? Say it Ain’t so Carrboro!

    Bit of a shocker this evening in Carrboro Tonight I made the rounds of the major municipal precincts to pick up my Honest Abe “A house divided…” referendum signs. Beyond recovering those and some for various candidates, I also made numerous stops along the way to retrieve others. By the time I hit Carrboro’s Town […]

  • Election Day 2006: Thanks for turning out…

    It was quite a rainy day. Some of the races were close – some were not. Judge Baddour’s Superior Court 15B run is still undecided though Allen is 70 votes ahead as of Nov. 8th. Here’s a Flickr slideshow of some of the folks that reported, supported, volunteered and ran yesterday.

  • District Referendum: What would Abe think?

    District referendum won 18703 (68.52%) to 8593 (31.48%). The negative consequences of this decision will not be fully apparent until 2010 and beyond. With reform in the air, with winning candidates Nelson and Gordon both saying there’s more to be done, with every media endorsement suggesting further action, the next phase of broadening electoral participation […]

  • Election Day 2006: Hogan Farms and Beyond…

    Covered Hogan Farms from 6:45am to 9:45am. BOCC candidate Jamie Daniels was handing out material until roughly 9am. Stein supporters covered the precinct from 7ish on. The Democrats staffed a table handing out sample ballots the whole time I was there… As of 9:35am, 300 confirmed voters with another 10-15 milling about waiting to go. […]

  • Election Day 2006 Schedule

    I will be poll sitting at Hogan Farms from 6:30am until 9am, the Library from 4:30pm until polls close at 7:30pm. If I can still stand I plan to whip on by a few local election soirees. If you have any suggestions where a tired volunteer should end the day, please add a comment.

  • Please Vote Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

    For my RSS reading readers ;-)! Find your precinct HERE . Please vote Tuesday, Nov. 7th. Polls are open 6:30AM until 7:30PM. Vote NO, NO, NO on either of the divisive Orange and Chatham county districting referendums. Vote YES for Baddour and Anderson Superior Court District 15B. Vote YES for Vanderbeck commissioner Chatham District 4. […]

  • Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign…

    This time last year I was catching 14 winks in preparation for election day. Earlier in the evening I had made the rounds collecting my outlying signs for redeployment. About 3 hours from now, I was leaping out of bed to fill some balloons, say a hasty goodbye to the family and rush to pick […]

  • Election Signs 2006, Care And Feeding

    Maintaining election signs feels like an art form. During the 2005 election season, I plotted various energy saving routes to “care and feed” for my signs as I drove around town on regular errands. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. I didn’t just fix my own signs. Heck, at one point I’d repaired […]

  • Vote No on Orange County Districting Referendum, Another No from Katz

    A resounding NO from former Orange County Democratic Party chair Barry Katz in his Oct. 28th LTE to the Chapel Hill News: I will vote no on the ballot referendum to restructure the Orange County commissioners. First, there hasn’t been enough public debate on the merits of change, and I oppose change without voters’ understanding […]

  • Vote No on Orange County Districting Referendum

    Thank you Orange County League of Women Voters for sponsoring tonight’s forum. There were 15-20 folks in the audience this evening, including former BOCC candidate Artie Franklin, current BOCC candidate Jamie Daniel and Superior Court District 15B candidate Chuck Anderson. Fright-night, referendum style, came a day late as Moses Carey pretty much reprized his earlier […]

  • Judge Calabria, and the problem of 527 monies

    From todays New & Record (11/01/06): An independent political organization called FairJudges.Net began airing the ad this week. By promoting four Supreme Court candidates, it upsets a system meant to create a level playing field in judicial contests. Watchdog groups are up in arms. “Democracy North Carolina believes the activities of FairJudges.Net are a disturbing […]

  • Carolina North: Housing from UNC’s perspective

    From Jack Evans concerning housing at Carolina North. At the LAC meeting on October 19, we agreed that the University would draft some thoughts for the continuation of our discussion regarding housing at Carolina North. The attached file is our response to that request. As you will see, we found a number of issues and […]